Company Cacao Mill – Your supplier of delicious ingredients for the chocolate and confectionery industry professionals.

Choosing CacaoMill you get:

  • The optimum value for money.
  • Individual approach to each client’s request.
  • Responsibility to customers.
  • Professional consulting manager and technologist

We supply the ingredients are based on age-old traditions with the latest developments of European technologists. This carefully selected ingredients for your pastry making. We are guided by the views of customers who prefer quality, taste and naturalness of your confections.
Using our delicious, high-quality and with the best ingredients at a price, you improve the attractiveness and create uniqueness of your products, thereby increasing the profitability of your business.
We are always happy to give you comprehensive information about our products and their use features. Clients of our company, we provide technological support and advice in the creation and preparation of products of our ingredients.
* All submitted our products are certified in accordance with international and Ukrainian standards of quality and are delivered with detailed production specifications.